Psychological Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

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Creating a happier more productive workplace

The financial cost to a company, due to sickness-absence from work-related stress and anxiety, is massive. It is a huge problem, which seriously affects productivity, morale and team cohesion, and it deeply affects the confidence, self-esteem and mental health of an individual. We offer a solution to this problem. With many years experience of working therapeutically in this field, we provide the Training, Coaching and Therapeutic Support to prevent the development and escalation of stress and anxiety in the workplace. Our aim- to build happier, cohesive and more productive working environments by providing the tools and raising the awareness of each person to stop the development of work related stress and anxiety in its tracks.

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What We Do For You
& Why We Are Different
Stopping Stress in the Workplace

You are a Unique Human Being with your own history and experiences of life, your own way of dealing with things, your own way of relating to people, your own way of managing emotions, and your own beliefs about yourself, many of which you formed in early childhood. You have your own hopes and dreams and your own fears. We respect that. 


That is why we designed this training to teach you how to recognise your own unique signs of worry, stress, anxiety and fear as they occur and manage them, and by identifying immediately whether you have been triggered into a different psychological place, with different thought processes and behaviours, all of which can lead to more stress and anxiety if action isn't taken. And we provide you with the tools to take such action, to stop the stressful, worrying thoughts, or anxiety or fear from getting worse and out of control, to stop you from spiralling down into serious, work-related stress.


We provide Training, Coaching and Therapeutic Support for Companies and Individuals plus Consultancy to address the difficulties that workplaces bring. Our Training has been developed from our findings in working with people suffering from work-related stress and anxiety. It is our mission to teach you what we know. You will learn to spot the very first signs of stress and anxiety as soon as it starts, not when it is too late, this is where our training is different. And with such heightened awareness and with the tools we teach you, you will be able to stop something which would otherwise affect every area of your life.


Our Training also gives you the tools and awareness to help others because what you learn enables you to see the signs that many, heading towards serious work-related stress, miss.

And if you are already on that downward spiral, as so many are, we have the resources to help you, not just to get you better and back to work, where you were before, but much more. You will return with a new, deeper awareness of yourself, of those around you and of your work environment. Our Training, Coaching and Therapeutic Support packages for Companies and Individuals have been designed to teach a different way of being in the workplace and provides you with the tools to have control of your thoughts, your feelings and behaviours in a very healthy, life enhancing way. 


Many have said that the Conscious Competence Training and Coaching Programme is life changing and we believe that it is. This is why it is our mission to change the workplace into much happier environments where psychological health and wellbeing is the norm, and where a person can thrive and actually enjoy going to work. Take a look at what we provide.