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Health & Safety in the Workplace

Taking the Worry and Fear out of Going to Work by Providing the Tools and Awareness to Stop Workplace Stress and Anxiety, leaving you
Free to Thrive.

Training  Coaching  &  Therapeutic Support


Imagine  if every person had the tools and awareness to stop the development of work-related stress and anxiety at the very first sign, to understand their own unique thought processes in the workplace, to know when they had been triggered to a different mind state,  to old limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and behaviours, which crushes confidence, causes stress and anxiety and which creates difficulties  for themselves and for others.


What if there was a simple process each person could practice for psychological health and safety in the workplace, enabling them to reach their full potential. Just think what that would do for productivity, team cohesion, morale, and  for the sickness absence figures. Welcome to the Conscious Competence website because this is what we do for Companies and Individuals. 

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