1. Are you able to separate home life from work life, are you able to ‘switch off’?

  2. Do you look forward to Fridays but then start to worry on Saturday evening that it’s work on Monday?

  3. Do you take work home, literally, to get a ‘head start’ for the following day/week, or mentally by worrying about what you have said or done, not said or haven’t done; replaying or imagining conversations, scenarios, interactions?

  4. Do you worry about upsetting or annoying your manager or your peers?

  5. Do you like to be liked, worry what others think of you? Do you like to please others, be everyone’s friend, particularly your line manager?

  6. Do you find it very difficult to say ‘No’, or ask for help, or express your needs, for fear of being judged; seen as failing, incompetent, lazy, useless, Do you judge yourself?

  7. Do you overly worry about making mistakes, being disciplined and losing your job, your home, checking your work repeatedly to make sure?

  8. Do you feel overwhelmed or out of control? Do you feel a fraud? Do you doubt yourself and your actions, dismissing anything positive said about you but readily searching for something negative about yourself?

  9. Do you see your manager as demanding, unreasonable or frightening?

  10. Does this always happen to you?

You are not alone.  Read THE FACTS about work-related stress here.  


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