Psychological Dynamics in the Workplace

This course teaches you a sophisticated level of self awareness, a greater awareness of others and greater awareness of your environment.


Learn to identify where, psychologically, you are functioning from.  Recognise where another is psychologically functioning from.  Understand the psychological dynamics operating within your team and learn how to manage them; preventing the many destructive behaviours which lead to stress, anxiety and an unhappy working environment.

The course is held over two days, with an option to extend to three days. Classes are kept small, averaging between 8-10 people.


Day One
UNDERSTANDING OUR BEHAVIOURS: What we take to work with us

  • The Mind, The Imagination and Fear

  • The Fear Based Environment

  • The Spiral: Vulnerability and The Destructive Path to Incapacitation

  • The Vulnerability Process: What We do to Ourselves

  • Shame, The Inner Critic and The Judge: What We Tell Ourselves

  • The Worrier, The Storyteller and The Projector

  • Perfectionism

  • Who Am I and Who Are You: What We Psychologically Take into the Workplace

  • The Child, Adolescent and Adult: How We Function

  • How Our Past Drives Us Today

  • The Trigger; The Mind, The Body and Our Actions

  • The Authority Figure

  • Psychological Dynamics and Drama in the Workplace

Day Two
TAKING BACK CONTROL: Wellbeing in the Workplace

  • The Inner Mentor Guidance System:

  • A System of Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Self-Development

  • A Formula for Change

  • Getting ‘Back to Base’ and in Control

  • The Observer, Knowing Yourself and Seeing Others

  • The Inner Mentor: Management, Guidance, and Support

  • The Body and Feelings: An Early Warning Guidance System

  • Managing Your Environment from a Different Place

  • Being Your Self

PLUS... New for 2020

Covid-19 and The New Workplace: Managing Fear and Anxiety in these Changing Times

A two-part course, delivered to small groups in three hour sessions via live online video link.

The emotional and psychological impact of Covid-19 is massive, and as we negotiate these changing times there is fear. As we live with illness, loss of loved ones, isolation, home-schooling, working from home, being furloughed, losing our jobs and facing a very different work environment, there is fear and vulnerability.


Fear creates more fear, because it spreads, and when people are stressed, anxious, frightened or traumatised in a work environment there are different dynamics, different behaviours, and many issues; for a person, a line manager, occupational health, Human Resources, a team, a business, a company.


This Training helps you identify and understand what happens when you or another becomes vulnerable, worried, stressed, anxious, fearful, traumatised, and it teaches you how to manage it.

Course Director: Sharon McKenna-Daniels  BACP UKCP BSCH


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