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Transformation through

The Inner Mentor Guidance System 

The Conscious-Competence Training programme teaches a deeper level of self-awareness, enabling you to be more in charge of your thoughts and actions in a healthy, purposeful, life enhancing way. It provides you with an understanding of how we function and what happens to us when we feel vulnerable, stressed, worried, anxious or fearful, and it provides you with the tools to manage the thinking that can lead to serious work related stress and anxiety. This Training is about the workplace but what you learn can enhance your life, because it changes how you relate to yourself and others and it addresses the beliefs which holds us back, many of which we are unconscious of.

The Training is in Two Parts:


Part One underpins the whole process of personal and professional development and change, because it is here that you will learn about yourself and others. You will begin to understand why we operate the way we do in certain situations, with particular people, in particular environments. It teaches what happens in our own minds when we are vulnerable and how this can create difficulties for us in the workplace, in our relationships and in our lives. Limiting beliefs which holds us back from being all we can be and want to be, driving us to unhelpful or destructive behaviours and illness.

The Training teaches you to:



  • Yourself. That you are a person living in the present from an Adult place (ego state) but also from your history, from your Psychological Child, and Adolescent, and sometimes from the Unhelpful Authority Figure, taking your history and the dynamics of these mind-states; ‘ego's’ everywhere you go, especially the workplace.


  • Others. That people around you have their own history, and function from their Child, Adolescent, Adult and Unhelpful Authority Figure for their own reasons and because of their own history.


  • The Environment. That the workplace represents different things to different people. For many it is a stressful, anxiety evoking place, that causes a change in how a person thinks, feels and behaves.


Such a level of understanding creates change in itself. You will think about yourself, others and your work environment differently.


Part Two teaches a process of observation and action in the present through a system called The Inner Mentor Guidance System. 

Every person is a unique human being with their own perceptions and beliefs, informed by their personal history. Part Two teaches you to observe and identify in the moment the thoughts and behaviours which are unhelpful, destructive, and which cause stress, anxiety and fear. The training also teaches you to recognise, support and manage the behaviours of others in your work environment. This part of the training provides you with the ‘tools’ in which to identify and take action and take care of yourself when you or another is psychologically functioning from the Child, Adolescent, Adult or Unhelpful Authority Figure. This process creates a different working environment.


Part two of the training teaches you to:




  • The Observer. Within all of us is an objective observer who has the ability to take us away from our history with its ‘old programmes’ and ‘old fears’ and bring us back to the present, to our here and now Adult with its resources and maturity. It provides us with expanded vision to identify the Child, Adolescent and Unhelpful Authority Figure in ourselves and others and recognise when we are operating from that place, and importantly it clarifies whether what we are experiencing is ‘fact or fear’. We develop the Observer in you.


  • The Inner Mentor. Within us is the capacity to treat ourselves in a different way, with compassion, kindness and understanding, with support and guidance; what we often give to others but not to ourselves. Without it there is the space for the Inner Critic, Inner Judge and other powerful processes to attack us, damaging our confidence, self- worth and self-belief. The Inner Mentor stops that. We provide you with the tools to develop this incredibly powerful resource within you.


  • The Body and Feelings as an Internal Guidance System. The body is an extremely important source of information and continually communicates to us, however we ignore the messages it sends. in the workplace, this leads to work-related stress, anxiety, depression as well as many other physical and psychological conditions. We teach you to use this powerful resource to recognise change and take action in the moment, when it all starts, not at the end when you are in a very difficult place and spiralling down into illness.


This process has been taught successfully as a therapeutic approach for fifteen years. The Inner Mentor Guidance System has enabled people to recover from serious work-related stress and anxiety and return to the workplace, with greater confidence and self belief. It is now effectively taught as a training programme TO PREVENT the development and escalation of work-related stress and anxiety, to provide every person with the tools and awareness to stop stress and anxiety in its earliest stages, in its tracks. The Inner Mentor Guidance System is about change and transformation because what you learn about yourself will change the way you think and live.

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