learn your why?

We teach you to psychologically understand yourself and others in the workplace, learn what causes stress and anxiety, and teach you how to manage it. Promoting wellbeing, happier environments, team cohesion and productivity.

This course teaches you a sophisticated level of self awareness, greater awareness of others and greater awareness of your environment. You will learn to:


Identify where psychologically you are functioning from

recognise where another is psychologically functioning from 

and understand the psychological dynamics operating within your team. 

And you will learn how to manage them; preventing the many destructive behaviours which lead to stress, anxiety and an unhappy working environment.

This is achieved through 'The Inner Mentor Guidance System' a system of self awareness, self control and self development. This system develops within you,

'The Observer' which through expanded vision, recognises, identifies and makes choices, in order to regain control in the present, 'The Inner Mentor', which manages, guides and supports, and 'The Body an Early Warning Guidance System', which communicates information to act upon.

For this training I focus on the Psychological Dynamics in the Workplace, however this course is for everyone, in any environment. You can use what you learn from this course in every area of your life; at home, at work, socially, with loved ones, with friends, with colleagues, even with people you don’t know.


Training Packages

We offer a variety of course options, from short three hour sessions to in-depth two day courses as well as ongoing coaching and therapeutic support.

Head to THE TRAINING to choose the right course for you.

But Also…
In addition to preventing the escalation of work-related stress, which is massive in itself, the training places you back in control. It gives you an opportunity to choose something different; to think differently, feel differently and behave differently. It provides you with the opportunity to change your life, change the beliefs about yourself from your past which have controlled you, and it helps you to understand why you do the things you do and change them. The training teaches you how to communicate and relate to yourself and others differently. It teaches you how to develop a depth of self-awareness which doesn’t stop growing.


Conscious Competence is about transformation and change, because we never stop learning about ourselves. And its aim is to create work environments which promotes integrity, equality and respect,  because judgement, humiliation and shame never works.

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