professional and personal growth


IN THE WORKPLACE - training course
Two days (with an option to extend to three days)


Day One
UNDERSTANDING OUR BEHAVIOURS: What we take to work with us

  • The Mind, Vulnerability and Fear

  • The Fear Based Environment: Fact and Fear?

  • Who Am I and Who are You? What We Psychologically Take into the Workplace

  • The Child, Adolescent and Adult: How We Function

  • Shame, The Inner Critic and The Judge: What We Tell Ourselves

  • The Worrier, The Storyteller and The Projector

  • How Our Past Drives Us Today

  • The Trigger; The Mind, The Body and Our Actions

  • The Spiral: Vulnerability and The Destructive Path to Incapacitation

  • The Vulnerability Process: What We do to Ourselves

  • The Authority Figure: Who are they and who are we?

  • Perfectionism: The Road to Failure

  • Psychological Dynamics and Drama in the Workplace

Day Two
TAKING BACK CONTROL: Wellbeing in the Workplace

  • The Inner Mentor Guidance System: Identifying, Understanding and Managing   Yourself, Your Staff and The Workplace

  • A System of Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Self-Development

  • A Formula for Change

  • The Observer, Knowing Yourself and Seeing Others

  • The Inner Mentor: Management, Guidance, and Support

  • The Body and Feelings: An Early Warning Guidance System

  • The Imagination as a Positive Resource

  • Getting ‘Back to Base’ and in Control

  • Managing the Signs and Symptoms Early

  • Management: Care of Self, Care of Others and Care of Your Environment

Classes are kept small, averaging between 8-10 people.

OTHER TRAINING Half day and One Day Courses to focus deeper on particular elements of the above training, plus:

  • Who are You and Who are they: Understanding Yourself as an Authority Figure            (for Management)

  • Developing The Inner Mentor Guidance System for Professional and Personal Growth

  • Personal Development Workshops


In addition to the Training we offer Tailor Made Packages providing:

  • Follow on support

  • One-to-one and Group Coaching

  • Reflective Problem Solving Groups (management)

  • Consultancy

  • Mediation

  • Therapeutic support



Covid-19 and The New Workplace: Managing Fear and Anxiety in these Changing Times

A two-part course, delivered to small groups in three hour sessions via live online video link.

The emotional and psychological impact of Covid-19 is massive, and as we negotiate these changing times there is fear. As we live with illness, loss of loved ones, isolation, home-schooling, working from home, being furloughed, losing our jobs and facing a very different work environment, there is fear and vulnerability.


Fear creates more fear, because it spreads, and when people are stressed, anxious, frightened or traumatised in a work environment there are different dynamics, different behaviours, and many issues; for a person, a line manager, occupational health, Human Resources, a team, a business, a company.


This Training helps you identify and understand what happens when you or another becomes vulnerable, worried, stressed, anxious, fearful, traumatised, and it teaches you how to manage it.

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