a need for change



I am the director of CONSCIOUS COMPETENCE Ltd an organisation to bring change to work environments and people.


I designed Psychological Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace because too many people are suffering. There is too much unhappiness, too much fear, too much stress and anxiety in going to work; and work takes up a huge part of our lives and affects all areas of our lives. We always take our worries and stresses home with us one way or another and so we miss out on life. It's hard to feel joy and happiness when we are worried, stressed, anxious, depressed, or frightened.

I have worked in the area of occupational health as a Therapist (Counselling/Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy) for fifteen years and something needed to change. Because of what I saw, I developed a process of working with clients based upon the therapeutic psychologies of Transactional Analysis, C.B.T and Psychosynthesis, and the practice of Present Moment Awareness. From this I created the Inner Mentor Guidance System. 

Working Therapeutically on a one-to-one basis I taught each person the Inner Mentor Guidance System to understand and manage not only their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, but to recognise the behaviours and mind-states in others which triggered them. People recovered, returned to work and often made positive life changes. They not only addressed the symptoms, but critically, they addressed the beliefs and behaviours underlying them, and they personally transformed. So I decided to design a course to help many.  

I used to be one of those people who feared going to work, whose confidence could plummet in an instant by a comment or a look, who believed things that just weren’t true about myself, and it held me back in many ways. I feel differently now and I passionately want that for others. 

Wishing You All The Very Best,

Sharon McKenna-Daniels